Determines the channel’s design and broadcast settings.

A viewing statistics is generated for the channel, connection to which does not allow you to delete the channel once it has appeared.

We recommend turning off channels, not deleting them.



Recommended image parameters: 640px × 360px , 72 ppi, PNG

Transparent backgrounds are not recommended, but not forbidden.

Examples of logos:

../../_images/channel_logo_example_1.png ../../_images/channel_logo_example_2.png ../../_images/channel_logo_example_3.png

Channel number in the broadcast grid, possible override in cast grid.


Name of the channel in the original language, translation of the channel into different languages is possible through the “Translation” section


Turning off the channel prevents it from being issued to customers



The property is no longer relevant, will be removed in future releases.

Aspect ratio:


The property is no longer relevant, will be removed in future releases.


A list of categories to which the channel belongs,

Channel Tags:

Channel tags are used to bundle tariffs, how this works is described in the article about tariffs.

Age group:

Sets the age limits for the channel. Age restrictions in subscriber applications are regulated by the Account user profile.

System name:

Based on the system name, links to the DVR archive stream are generated.


The system channel name must match the channel name in TVIP Mira or Flussonic


Link to LIVE stream of the channel


Defines the DVR server of the channel.

The following functionality is based on the channel archive:

  • Pause on air function (timeshift)

  • Access channel programs within the depth of the archive in the TV selection menu.

  • Rewind the Air.

  • Search by program names within the depth of the archive.

  • Forming VOD catalog based on EPG content.


To enable access to the channel archive, Subscribers must activate the Archive option in the Tariff settings.

To enable VoD access based on the EPG channel, Subscribers need to activate the VOD option in the Tariff settings.

Archive depth:

Overrides the depth of TV channel recording, can be additionally overridden by settings “Archive Depth” in Account subscriptions. If the value is not specified - the DVR server value is used.

Enabled for VOD:

Enables synchronization of the VoD library from the EPG for this channel.

The following conditions must be met for the function to work:

  • The channel must have an archive.

  • the subscriber must have a subscription to the tariff with the VOD option included.

  • the EPG source must have the “Allowed for VoD” option enabled.

  • The source EPG must contain a unique content identifier (id) attribute in the `` <title id=”000”> `` tag.

  • If your EPG source provides IMDB identifiers(<id-imdb>), and import of VoD metadata from the TMDB database is enabled, the metadata will be used from the TMDB source, otherwise the EPG information will be used.

An example of XMLTV markup that is suitable for importing EPG as VoD:

<programme start="20230213080000 +0000" stop="20230213090000 +0000" channel="07416" id="73bc0e9b">
<title lang="en" id="123">Diabolical: Deadly Love</title>
<sub-title lang="en">Who Needs Enemies</sub-title>
<desc size="normal" lang="en">
This ten-episode series ...
<category lang="en">Documentary series</category>
<genre lang="en">Crime</genre>


CAS Config:

CAS/DRM Server Selection.



The property is no longer relevant, will be removed in future releases.

Flussonic auth enabled::

Enable Flussonic channel authentication.


EPG Source:

Selecting a channel in the downloaded EPG sources. If an EPG source has recently been added, wait until it is downloaded to display the list of available channels.

Offset (min):

Corrects transmission time by a specified number of minutes relative to the EPG source, summarized with the EPG source offset (if set). Can be either positive or negative

Fake EPG:

In case EPG for a channel is not defined or is absent, EPG will be generated from the hourly broadcasts.

Additional Information

MPEG-TS buffer, msec:

Overrides the MPEG-TS buffer settings of the TVIP S-Box media center. Relevant for unsegmented streams.

Channel selection priority:

At start of the application the channel with the highest priority will be enabled if this channel is available in subscriptions.

If the selected priorities match, the first numbered channel will turn on.

If channels have no priority, the last selected channel in the application will be turned on.



The property is no longer relevant, will be removed in future releases.


A contract for the right to broadcast the channel.


Optional field, planned to be used in Stat API for reporting by rights holder.

Channel website::


The property is no longer relevant, will be removed in future releases.


An arbitrary text field.

EPG images:

Will be used if there are no images in the EPG source in random order.